Vico Partners | Strategic Communications Consultancy

A bespoke service for business leaders on issues of strategy, positioning and communication.

Founded in 2017, Vico’s purpose is to unlock and defend value for its clients. The wide ranging expertise it brings to its clients derives from the financial communications, board and corporate finance backgrounds of its founders, John Sunnucks and Iain Rawlinson.

Vico is designed to deliver the highest quality of thinking and levels of service to its clients. Working closely together, with a first class support team, the combination of the founders’ respective skills and experience addresses a particular need for clients outside of a traditional communications agency, corporate broking or investment banking model.


Every business reaches a turning point. It may be a strategic issue which needs resolution, a restructuring, a new leadership team, a capital raising, a transformative transaction, or some other lifecycle change.

They all have one thing in common: the need for trusted, independent support, experience, insight and advice, delivered with discretion, diplomacy and attention to detail.

the vico way

The core competencies which underpin our work are the analysis and understanding of strategic priorities, the substance of messaging and the effectiveness of its communication.

These enable us to provide optimum value for our clients as they address critical issues, especially those where resolution translates into defending or unlocking value.

We work primarily in three contexts: definition and alignment of strategic positioning; special situations (for instance M&A, shareholder action, capital raising or crisis); independent personal counsel..

To each we bring an independent, senior level perspective, insightful analysis, careful listening and constructive challenge on sensitive issues. We have an appetite for complexity, and for identifying new ways of explaining a business which can be transformative. To every issue, we bring both the individual and collective insights of our team.


We work with the leaders of businesses and other organisations across a wide range of sectors from investment trusts, financial services, industrials and mining, to hospitality, pharmaceuticals, insurance and retail.

Although much of our work derives from special situations, we are often retained to provide ongoing support beyond our original mandate, staying close to the critical issues for our clients where our ongoing support adds value. We have a strong track record of building long-term relationships with our clients in this way.

We have also worked with charities to develop strategies aimed at maximising impact and strengthening their case for support.


Our team is structured to enable the partners to dedicate themselves fully to their client work. They are backed up by strong research, analysis and business support.

We also provide access to selected specialist partners, when needed, in the areas of political counsel, media training, philanthropic advice and senior-level career coaching.